Making Others Happy (Reblogged)

A simple act if kindness like :

A tight hug
A compliment
A letter
A genuine smile

All these things take hardly any time.
And they could make somebody’s:


It could save them.
Spare a second for someone,and maybe they will do the same.

Be a nice person.

Is not that hard

What’s the Sense of Writing here. Sort Of,

Silence broken, alas.

Never really got the time to post here lately, until now of course. Well, frankly, that would be me lying because I did have the time to write, and I did maybe a few couple drafts here and there, mostly unpublished because they were either over dramatic, nonsensical, or maybe even both.

I purposely started this blog to audience my outrage, my rants, to serve as an outlet, all of which when I don’t want to bother anyone with my problems as they have their own ones too. Writing a post about something aside from life and drama and relationships, the usual things you read on my blog, is hard for me and that kind of defeats the purpose of the blog.

Did I really start to write to serve said purposes? Did I write to impress everyone who cares to read this, with my prowess in creating dramatic literal constructs with plain words? Did I write so I can narcissistically read and reflect upon my own life, my problems, the drama, so somehow I can imagine and create solutions thru another point of view? Why don’t I know the answers to questions I shouldn’t be even asking? And why am I asking myself? Why am I even talking to myself? This me in a nutshell, but really, who cares?

I do know is that every time I write, I feel good. Maybe not necessarily because of the lavishing bliss of finishing and posting a perfectly good post (which has never happened yet) or posting a terribly dramatic and lengthy one.
I also do know that, like ever other normal person (assuming that I am normal), I crave for silence. Silence is beautiful. Sometimes, it is better not broken, especially with mediocre and repetitive drama and problems.
Silence sounds empty but emptiness is powerful and peaceful. How I wish I could be at peace. How I wish I could be happy. How I wish I knew how someone who has all the reason to be happy, feels empty.

Fit in and Quintessence

Hi! Im typing this blog in a middle of a night. Sorry for the late published guys! Forgive the mind twisling grammar cuz im so sleepy. 100 times wretched!

Today was indeed an another day for the people who don’t giving up to pursue their goals in life. To the people who had sacrifice everything just to attain their dreams like me. It’s too close for second sem that this sem that we so much working on finally will end in weeks later.

Thank god because of the guidance of him another batch of students  has successfully complete the whole sem without any hesitation in grades. So, malapit na nga ang sembreak panigurado pahirapan na naman magpapirma ng clearance the only week that you could spend time on just to rest and take a nap ay hindi na naman matutupad. But okay lang. Mahalaga makapasa di bale na walang break. Huhu. I wish this coming sem mabili ko na yung mga gusto kong bilhin but unfortunately because of financial problems I have to sacrifice myself. I’m going to starve myself again para lang makapagtipid. But not so thrifty but  being cheapy person.

Well, I learn to start ups my fails going to my success, because there are so much opportunity that passed by that I missed. And it’s hard to stay focused on the study like I always found myself drifting thoughts in another planet. This past few months could haven’t been better I know. You know. But it did. I struggled every problem in family,school,socializing and lovelife. Soon I learn to manage it every start up. Well, it’s really a big help for me because i already knew the backstabber and a person who is really great in  covering a comofludge smile in front of me.

This really irks me a lot nowadays. but now its not a big deal. Dahil may pumalit naman na mas higit pa. Okay lang kahit hindi ganun kadami ang kaibigan ang mahalaga totoo sila lahat. Which is im thankful because mas feel ko ang fit in and belonging. Now i only had a deal with plan that i will began in the 1st or two years. But then I see so many  possibilities, and I want to get  it all done in a few years. I make myself to be cheap person but not greedy, god know what it is.

I don’t know what is my characteristic being like that isn’t tightwards feel guilty spending money or frugal folk, have fun saying it’s weirdy. Like to the only and last person who only said to that me. Kaya kapag may night out with friends or mall thingy as in sakto lang talaga dinadala ko. Well there’s nothing wrong being a cheap unless it’s complete preoccupation.  By now im getting excited in this day and next week because of the defense and to the too close month of October dahil sa Operation Debut Plan! Time check 12:07AM im going to see this day my bestfriend. Ilang months na kasi kami hindi nagkita. because we didn’t do the stuff now we use to do in HS days, regular girls hang out has been replaced by quick facebook status, dahil na rin sa college paperworks and things that we need to be cleared off.  I miss her a lot but not only her but all of them J I pray to god to guide us in our own way in to the right path so that we successfully complete and graduate on our course.

I will pray all of my friends but not only them but also the frenemys to those who are war freaks and completely fucking asshole to those who didn’t like me being of this. A blunt. I will wish to heaven to change the attitude of this people. To those are bully na walang magawa sa buhay kundi mang banas, Make fun of me? I won’t lay my finger on this little shits Sa laki kong to? Hahaha! Holy crap! It’s a sure bet that their no nutty quirk, the one you think is so freakishly  unusual. So all in all I proceed the THANK YOU SESSION in this blog I thank god.

For everyday, Every minute, Every hour and second that giving me all of love and guidance. And another day to prove ourselves that we are all christian and to make ourselves true and keeping believing in him. Praying everyday and always (talking to god) daily. Goodnight!

A Legend Was Born…A Cause For Celebration! 30 Minutes BTS MV

My Love From Another Star (continuum)

Hello Readers!

If you guys have been following the news, lately it has been voting times for MLFAS/KSH/JJH so things were a bit hectic and crazy…lol lots of tense people all around.  Thank god it’s coming to a close in a matter of a day and some minutes…we’re generally looking good…YAH for all those hard workers!!!

But what this post is about is a different kind of celebration.  If you don’t know what Soompi is about then don’t worry about what I wrote below just enjoy the gift 😉

So it looks like I’ve recently been promoted to LEGEND on Soompi.

WOW! that’s not an easy feat guys, lol all of my 900 + posts in the past 6 months there have been for MLFAS/KSH/JJH ….while other people jump into many different drama thread I have yet to move on. HAHAHAHA, I’m not sure should I be proud or embarrassed…

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Relentless and Rumble

I send you a message. You reply. We have a conversation. It goes kind of okay. I start to feel like I’m annoying you, like I’m boring you, like I’m wasting your time. I laugh. I try to slip away with a farewell, and it works. You say good bye. Our conversation ends.

It’s always been like this. Every single time. I can’t seem to figure out what keeps going wrong. I try my best to hold our conversations. I try my best to be interesting. I try this, and I try that but nearly nothing seems to work. We say good bye. I receive mixed signals. I develop mixed emotions. I get frustrated. The rumble begins.

I mean, I could stop talking to you. I could stay away. I could. I want to, but I can’t. I can’t because I don’t want to. It’s the I-don’t-want-to-because-there’s-this-little-voice-inside-my-head-telling-me-that-I-have-a-chance cliche. Even if I reason with myself a hundred times that everything about ‘us’ is all in my head and that I can’t always get what I want, there will always be a hundred and one reasons to keep hoping. 

Do I continue to hope, or do I give up? If I continue, how long would I make a fool of myself? If I don’t, can I live on with my life, truly believing that I did my best but it simply wasn’t enough? I’m not even sure if I have a decision to make. What I’m sure of, tho, is that these problems I face are of my own making. I want to be happy but I can’t if I let these problems haunt me forever.

No gym, coach, or any training could prepare me for what fate I decide to tackle. If somehow I find a way to win this relentless and unnerving rumble of reason versus emotion, I’d want more than a championship belt for this. Sigh. 😦

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

“If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless.” (eto yung qoute na summarize mula sa book na makikita sa p.199 napaka gandang qoute para sakin)

Yung plot ng story is all about Edward Tulane the china rabbit given to a ten-year-old girl named Abilene by her grandmother in the 1930s. He enjoys a pleasant but vain life with his young mistress, who treats him with the utmost love and respect, until an unfortunate incident finds him falling overboard while vacationing on the RMS Queen Mary. Edward spends 297 days on the ocean floor, until a storm frees him from the seabed and a passing fisherman and his buddy pull him free. The man takes him home to his wife where he is renamed and forced to wear dresses.

Edward is passed from hand to hand of a succession of life-altering characters, such as a hobo and his dog and a girl with pneumonia and her brother. Edward’s journeys not only take him far from home, but even farther from the selfish rabbit he once was. Edward is eventually cruelly broken against a counter top edge and then repaired and offered for sale in a doll store for several years, and is finally bought by the same mistress he once knew, but now older and more mature, with a daughter of her own.

This story was memorable for me dahil sa unfortunate na nagyari kay edward still a miracle of all events. nalaman ko lang ang book na to simula nung nakita ko sa pinapanuod kong Korean Drama and na curious and also Na inspire ako kasi yung mismong characters dun sa palabas na yun same book lang ang binabasa nila (The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane) so yun i find it interesting and i began to read it. The Story was fascinating and wonderful in the end 🙂

Summer 2014 Bucketlist

I won’t be taking summer classes in URSB so I made a list of the things I’d be doing instead.

  • Get past a score of 3 in Flappy Bird. Please lang. 107 na highscore ko!
  • Get Let It Go out of my head. It’s been there for months.  FINALLY!
  • Eat tons of food. Mcdo Fries, Ice Cream, Siopao. Hihihi.
  • Read tons of books and watch tons of movies.
  • Take cooking lessons. Hindi pwede na puro kain na lang, Colline.
  • Cook for others without killing or food poisoning anyone.
  • Despite all the negative criticisms, get the guts to finally read Allegiant.
  • Indulge in Pingpong and Chess. Try to get game on. Lol.
  • Try to get fit and stay fit. Try. Keyword: Try. Hahaha.
  • Go out on gimmicks and summer escapades with friends.
  • Travel to different places  with family.
  • Do tons of photowalks and photo opts with people.
  • Eat tons of food. Yeah, this is intentionally here in this list twice.
  • Get drunk and get high.. with fun and love. Lol.
  • Attend each and every debut I’d be invited to. Bring. It. On.
  • Treat My Cousins on a restau. Lol. Clingy cousin’s  is clingy.
  • Save money. Mauuna muna ang pagiipon sa mga sumusunod.
  • Buy a new books divergent series. This time, with my own hard earned cash.
  • Buy makeups on Etude House and dozens of Shirts hmm dress. Yaaayyy.
  • Make him NOTICE ME :3 Yieee! Napansin niya na rin ako sa wakas! Haha.
  • Magpaganda. Lol. Impossible.
  • To be with HIM. IMPOSSIBLE.
  • Make the impossible possible. Yun, oh!

This list ain’t terminal as it will be updated every now and then. Here’s to four months of fun!